I Got a 40% on My Math Benchmark Exam

I cried.


Acting Childish with God

I think the reason we tend to get upset at God and act childish is because we focus more on what we want rather than what God has for us that we need. You see, if you’ve been born again you are a child of God! That makes Him your father and the great thing about fathers is they know just what is best for their children!

Social Norms versus God’s Word

Sin is about “missing the mark.” God has clearly laid out in His Holy Word, the Bible, how we as Christians are to live our life. While the world may try to demean God’s word, question God’s word, and run from God’s word, we are called to read it, learn it, and act it because what is important is for us to know His word and what He says about sin. Knowing how God sees sin is far more important than how the world does.