Acting Childish with God

God is my Father and I am His child. Now, sometimes, I really do act like a child with God.

We’ve all seen the kid at the store that’s grasping onto a toy they want that their parents won’t allow them to have. The kid pitches a hissy fit in hopes to get their way, but they don’t because when mom and dad said “no”, they mean no. Or how about the dramatic teenager that yells “that’s not fair!” when they don’t get their way. They usually end up sulking, pouting, or, in extreme cases, rebelling against their parents. Ultimately, that never works out for them in the end. Well, I’ve done both of those with God before. I’ve held onto something to which He is clearly saying no to, yet cry and scream for it anyway. I know, I shouldn’t. I’ve also said “that’s not fair” when God closed a door that I really wanted to go through. Again, I know I shouldn’t.

I think the reason we tend to get upset at God and act childish is because we focus more on what we want rather than what God has for us that we need. You see, if you’ve been born again you are a child of God! That makes Him your father and the great thing about fathers is they know just what is best for their children! Fathers want to teach their children, take care of their children, and love their children. God IS the Holy Father and He wants to do that for all of us! He loves us so much that He has a unique and wonderful plan for all of us. Isn’t that great?

Now, what can be not so great is when we don’t understand God’s plan and will for our lives. Moments or seasons of extreme change, hard times, or serious dilemmas can cause us to see less clearly of how God is working things for our good. What can then happen is falling into a defensive mode with God.

“But, God, I want that job!”

“But, God, I want that relationship!”

“But, God, I don’t want to move!”

When we have wants, it’s not always easy to give them up. A reason this could be is because our minds don’t see the big picture; God handles that. So,when we have a want, God knows if it’s in His will for us or not. If it’s not, He’s going to say no to it. Once He says no, we could either roll with it or go into the hissy fit mode or the “that’s not fair” attitude that’s defensive.

This sort of defensive mode with God is one we need to stay away from. This is because it will hinder us from what God does have in store for us, pull us away from God, and could allow sin into our lives.

Rather than being defensive and childish with God when life happens, we should approach it in a Christ-like manner. I’m going to give you some ideas of how to hopefully do just that!

  1. Get your mindset and attitude right: Luke 9:56 “For the Son of man has not come to destroy, but to save.” Rather than thinking your whole world is falling apart when bad things happen or when you don’t get your way, understand God is not doing it to hurt, spite, or destroy you. He has a purpose for the struggle and that purpose is for your good and His glory.
  2. Be patient: Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He hath made every thing beautiful in his time…” Every good day and bad has it’s purpose. Maybe the good days are for praising God, rejoicing in the day He’s made, and being happily in the spirit whereas the bad days may be for digging into His word to understand why whatever situation you’re in is happening, fervently praying for clarity, or even just some major learning. Whatever day or situation you’re in, just know God is using it somehow to mold you and perfect you.
  3. Remain hopeful: I know some days can just seem like one thing after another, but try to think of those days as days that God is doing some hard core work on you. Think of those days as days God is getting you majorly prepared for something He’s got up His sleeve. Think of those days as days God is taking time to give you lesson after lesson (even if that lesson may just be patience.) 
  4. Do NOT rebel against God: As I mentioned earlier, God is a father to those who are His children. God wants to teach, take care of, and love His children as father’s do. Now, since God is the Father, He will also discipline His children when they mess up. Mistakes do not always come without consequence. With that being said, I encourage you not to rebel against God and do what you want just because it’s what you want to do. When you accepted Christ as your Saviour, you also accepted Him as your Lord, which means you submit to Him and Him alone; not to this world, not to people, not to your wants, not to your desires, but to God alone. So, walk with Him in obedience. Don’t get offensive and then rebel because He said no to you. If you do, that will only distance you from God and probably set you up for even more mistakes. Instead of rebelling, lean on God and His promises. Don’t run from Him, draw closer to His heart and seek Him with all of yours.

There will be things in this life that you’ll want but simply cannot have. There will be times you don’t understand why bad things are happening to you. In those moments, look to God. Seek Him. Pray for His comfort, clarity, and peace. Lean on His promises, but most importantly, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. (Proverbs 3: 5-6).”

God’s plan for your life is bigger and better than anything you could ever want or imagine. Trust in Him and walk with Him. He truly is a good, good Father.


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